This is me.

Hello new mummies and new daddies,

Let me welcome you on my website.
My name is Chrysoulla Louca and I am a professional newborn, baby, maternity and family photographer. My passion for photography began about 30 years ago. I have attended photography courses at The New York Academy of Art. Since then, I am attending lots of seminars and workshops about my work. I learn more and more in order to provide my clients with an excellent piece of Art.

I was also participated in many competitions in the newborn photography field and earned until now 35 merits and 3 awards. So, I am an awarded photographer with first and second places. I am excited about newborn, baby, maternity and family photography since I have been a mother.
As I said, I am also a mother of 4 lovely children. This miracle, to be a mother, feeling this unbelievable happiness, when you are seeing your baby sleeping, laughing, opening his eyes is unforgettable. These moments were for me the motivation to capture every little detail of them.

I look forward to welcoming you to my studio.

“I wish, I will give you the ability to relive those moments after many years!”

Our studio

Our studio.

I am welcoming you to our Studio. The newborn studio is designed especially for our little models. It is well equipped with all the appropriate specifications. For your comfort there is in the studio natural light, air-condition for the ideal temperature, changing mat, relaxing chairs and restrooms.